C-97 Tiger Team Program announced

The C-97 is a Special airplane that needs Special Supporters.  This program is not for everyone. It is designed specifically for those special people who are diehard enthusiasts for the Boeing C-97 who love see it fly, who love the way it looks, who love the sounds of the powerful R-4360 engines and the  sounds of the squealing expander tube brakes, and the role it played in aviation history as a cargo transport, tanker, and airliner.  

In addition to love for the C-97, a Tiger team member also has a Tiger heart and Tiger spirit determine to stay and support the C-97 as a Tiger would be determined to stay with the hunt.  The Tiger member must also have the financial means to support the program by contributing $1200 a year, which breaks down to $100 a month. By assembling a roster of Tiger Team members, we will ensure the funding is available to pay for heavy spending items, specifically, the cost of annual insurance and other costs associated with flight training and annual flight checks for pilots and flight engineers. Flight engineer proficiency requirements are something new to us since this is not required on the C-54.

We are very happy and proud to report we now have seven individuals with the Tiger heart and spirit who have accepted the responsibility to join the Tiger Team.

Tiger # 1 is Mark Meltzer from Palo Alto, California.

Tiger # 2 is Mark Howard from Edmond, Oklahoma.

Tiger # 3 is Alex Mellow from Matthews, North carolina.

Tiger # 4 is Jeff DeKonty from Glenmoore, Pennsylvania.

Tiger #5 is Ron McKinney from Tuscon, Arizona

Tiger # 6 is Jason Pence from Woodstock, Virginia

Tiger #7 is David Shurtleff from White Plains, New York


Who will be #8, will it be you?


Help Support the C-97 “Angel of Deliverance” and Be A Part of Something BIG!