The Berlin Airlift was a monumental event in American, European, and overall World History.  The events which avoided a shooting war in 1948, also dictated the history of the next 50 years and beyond.

Given the historical impact of "Operation Vittles" and "Operation Plainfare" I can say that it didn't happen by magic.  What made it possible was the hard work of many thousand men and women from the United States, Great Britain, France, and Germany.  As it is impossible to know the names of the all of the German civilians who helped, their role is not forgotten. 

    However, we have recently acquired a pamphlet titled "The Men Who Made the Berlin Airlift Work", dated 1949.  It is a listing of the US Air Force Squadrons and their members who participated in the Airlift.  There were and are obvious omissions, such as the AACS units, the US Army's role, and US Navy's Squadrons VR-3,VR-6, and VR-8.  Also, There is not a listing of the British units that participated as well.  Regardless, I felt the need to share the information within and it is this information that is presented below.


Kevin Kearney, Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation


This list is incomplete, and more will be added as the information is gained.

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US Air Force


10 Troop Carrier Squadron

11 Troop Carrier Squadron

12 Troop Carrier Squadron

14 Troop Carrier Squadron

15 Troop Carrier Squadron

29 Troop Carrier Squadron

39 Troop Carrier Squadron

40 Troop Carrier Squadron

41 Troop Carrier Squadron

47 Troop Carrier Squadron

48 Troop Carrier Squadron

53 Troop Carrier Squadron

HHS 60  Troop Carrier Wing

HQ 60 Troop Carrier Group

60 Troop Carrier Group

HQ60 Maintenance Support Group

60 Maintenance Squadron

60 Supply Squadron


60 COMM Squadron

60A police Squadron

60 Food Service Squadron

60 Install SQ

60 Motor Vehicle Squadron

60 Base Services Squadron

60 Medical Group

HHS A B Group

HQ61 Troop Carrier Group

HQ313 Troop Carrier Group

HHS61 Troop Carrier  Wing

HQ317 Troop Carrier Group

HQ317 Maintenance Supply Group

317 Maintenance Squadron

317 Supply Squadron

HHS 317 A B Group

317 Communications Squadron

317A Police Squadron

317 Food Services Squadron

317 Installation Squadron

317 Motor Vehicle Squadron

317 Base Services Squadron


317 Medical Group

330 Troop Carrier Squadron

331 Troop Carrier Squadron

332 Troop Carrier Squadron

333 Troop Carrier Squadron

HHS 513 A B Group

HQ 513 Troop Carrier Group

513 Troop Carrier Group

HQ 513 Maintenance Sup Group

513 Maintenance Squadron

513 Supply Squadron

513 Communications Squadron

513A Police Squadron

513 Food Service Squadron

513 Install Squadron

513 Motor Vehicle Squadron

513 Base Services Squadron

513 Finance Distribution Unit

513 Medical Group

HHS 7350 A B Group

7351 Maintenance Supply Squadron

7352 AF Police Squadron

7353 Installation Squadron

HHS 7497A Lift Wing


U.S. Army

Great Britain